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If it is established that a Planning Permit is required, our staff will make contact with the Planning Department at the local council very early in the design process to ensure that all requirements are met. The Ace team believe that the sooner a problem or issue is identified, the sooner it can be resolved. Solving challenges early on in the process ensures a smoother journey through the council planning process.

The Ace Drafting team of building designers will prepare Town Planning drawings and co-ordinate the collection of other information required for a Planning Permit. As the Town Planning applicant, Ace Drafting will deal with all council queries until the permit is obtained, keeping you informed along the way. This can be a lengthy process.


Once you have made any final adjustments to the design, and a Town Planning Permit has been obtained (if necessary), we will prepare Working Drawings. These are the plans that your builder will use to obtain a Building Permit and to construct the building. They will incorporate any necessary engineering and energy rating notes. Ace Drafting will organise & coordinate all external consultants such as soil reports, structural engineering & energy ratings so you only have one port of call.


At Ace Drafting we provide a design service where we will meet with you to discuss your requirements. Your first consultation in our office is always free & no obligation. Once the initial meeting is completed & the quote accepted we will measure the existing conditions and gather other relevant information during a site visit. We will then prepare a concept sketch based on the initial design criteria. This may be discussed with council regarding potential town planning issues.
Many questions are asked during this process and an understanding is gained on what you are hoping to achieve. We work together to create an energy efficient design that suits you and your lifestyle. Every design is tailored specifically to your requirements.


Call Ace Drafting now for a no obligation, free initial consultation. E-mail :   ace@acedrafting.net.au

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