Our Team

Daryl Hargreaves

Father of our growing family and a leader in the architectural field with over 34 years of experience.Daryl founded Harvan Design in 1999 and has successfully grown that business for 19 years. He acquired Ace Drafting in 2018 and is responsible for supervision of all work completed in the office and has achieved much in his life, but his proudest accomplishments are his marriage to his wife, Deanna,of 27 years and his three beautiful daughters. An avid fitness and sports fanatic, Daryl brings the same intensity to his sporting & spiritual life as to his family and work.


An unabashed follower of Jesus, Daryl spends as much of the little free time he has working in his local church, volunteering as a Chaplain at his local football/cricket club, playing competitive cricket and following the mighty Tigers (current premiers in case you didn’t know) in the AFL.


A self-confessed chocoholic, don’t even think of walking past him with any Cadbury chocolate. You might just lose a finger.

Malcolm Williams

Malcolm joined our team in 2018 after 24 years in private practice and over 30 years as a registeredarchitect. Malcolm is a family man with a wife of 28 years & 2 adult children. He is a mad keen Richmond Tigers member who gets to as many games as he can. He enjoys the great outdoors having camped for many years with his family. He has had a distinguished career in Floorball & still manages to play on the odd occasion.

Andrew Berry

Andrew has been with Ace Drafting for over 6 years and brings 10 years of building design experience with him. A dedicated family man he is currently expecting his 4 th child. Please pray for him. Andrew is an avid family man who embraces all that is required of a father & a husband. He does like to catch the odd movie when there is time between changing nappies.

Anders Silversten

Anders is the longest serving member of our team having been with us for 12 years. He has over 20 years local design experience after emigrating from Sweden. He is happily married with two beautiful children & his spare time is taken up running them around to music & basketball commitments. Anders always thinks before he speaks but what he has to say is worth waiting for. He enjoys camping & hiking, although it is rumoured his wife may not share his enthusiasm for the great outdoors.

Deanna Hargreaves

In every office someone has to keep the boys in line. In our office that’s Deanna. Responsible for accounts and keeping the business afloat, Deanna cares deeply about making sure things are running smoothly. Her friendly face & outgoing phone manner make her the ideal person to resolve any account issues in a prompt & efficient manner.

Deanna loves a laugh but never at someone else’s expense. She passionately cares about her family & friends and can be trusted to go the extra mile very time. Deanna has been with Ace Drafting since Daryl acquired the business in 2018 and brings common sense with her every day to work. Her weakness…chocolate bullets (Aldi brand please).

Lisa Thomas

Lisa joined the Ace Drafting Team in 2019 after many years’ experience in Administration & Personal Assistant roles within Education & Public organisations. She brings a sense of order to the office & makes sure the work flows smoothly from start to finish. In her spare time she is a wife & mother to 2 children & loves to spend time at church and camping with her family. Her daughter keeps her active as a ‘Calisthenics Mum’ & she serves on the State Youth Games Committee as well.

We love having Lisa on board & she is enjoying the learning curve of working in the building design industry.


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